LunaTik – Turn Your iPod Nano into a Watch

I first heard of the LunaTik when a friend sent me an email saying that he just backed a project called LunaTik/Tik-Tok over at Kickstarter. Basically, they are really cool looking watchbands designed to enable you to wear the latest iPod Nano (6th Gen) as a watch. If you have no idea what I am talking about watch this video.

What is LunaTik/Tik-Tok

After months of waiting it finally arrived. I picked it up at the post office this afternoon and the packaging they used to shipped the LunaTik was a bit dodgy. They shipped in a black bubble wrap envelope which wasn’t sealed properly as it easily popped open when I just touched it. I found that the adhesive was not very sticky at all. The actual box arrived a bit worst for wear as one of its corner was slightly crushed.


The packaging is slick and will not look out of place in an Apple store. The box is opened at one end so you can see the actual product housed inside a clear plastic case. There is also a large ovoid piece of dense foam used to hold the LunaTik in place and to minimise damage (from getting crushed). 


This is what the LunaTik looks like straight out of the box.  The precision finish on the aerospace grade aluminium housing is immaculate. I could not see any scratches nor could i feel any burrs when I ran my fingers over the entire housing.



It came with instructions on how to dismantle the LunaTik and install the iPod Nano. They also provided two very tiny allen keys to do the job. It took me less than 10 mins to complete this rather straightforward task. The fit is so tight and snug with zero play, this is precision milling.

Looking Good

I configured it to automatically show the time upon waking. I also had to rotate the screen to get the proper orientation. The earphone jack and dock is on the outside or to the right looking directly at the watch.


I haven’t loaded any music on it as I will using it exclusively as a watch. The design and build quality of the LunaTik is excellent. I don’t think there anything currently in the market that can match it.

The silicone watchband is smooth and not sticky making it very comfortable to wear. I had it on for over 7 hours and it didn’t bother me.

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