Custom SLR’s C-Loop – First Impressions

The C-Loop, I ordered, arrived today.  How they

shipped the product was excellent. Actually it was overkill but better safe than sorry. They used a much larger and stronger cardboard box to ensure that the product arrives undamaged. Guys from MNML, take note, this is how you should have shipped the LunaTik.  You can ordered it from their online store.



Custom SLR’s C-Loop

The packaging for the C-Loop is minimal and elegant. Mainly white text on a black background with a smooth satin finish.



It came in a nice black pouch. First impressions are good

, the C-Loop is CNC machined from aerospace grade 6061-T6 aluminium. It is available in both silver and black anodised finish

. I chose the black one as it matched the Nikon body nicely.


The finish on the C-Loop is excellent, very smooth, I could not feel any sharp edges or burrs when I ran my fingers across the unit. The neoprene washer was thick and dense. The aluminium piece with the two eyelets spun freely.  


BlackRapid RS-7

I am planning to use it with my BlackRapid RS-7. This is a temporary solution until  Custom SLR’s Split Strap is available. You can read more about it here.


I used the karabiner from my BlackRapid RS-7 hooked it onto the handle used to attach the C-Loop onto the camera’s body. The Split Strap will be using a different solution to attached itself onto the C-Loop. Initial tests looked promising and will hopefully get to test it out this weekend if the rain stays away. It is very comfortable wearing the camera across the shoulder rather than around the neck.


It is actually attached to my Really Right Stuff L-bracket on my Nikon D700. I will attach it directly to the cameras body as soon as I find my missing allen key required to remove the RRS L-bracket.

Custom SLR’s Split Strap

Custom SLR’s Split Strap


Quy Ngo said...

Just wondering if you ever got the C-Loop split strap and how it compared to the RS-7 strap.

Great post but I'm curious why you went with the C-Loop vs the RS-7 connector?

lozzmann said...

Hi Quy Ngo,

Thanks for visiting. Sorry I never saw your comment until tonight, so apologies for the late reply.

I did get the C-Loop strap but I have not really used it much as I don't really like the leather strap used to attached to the C-loop connector. However, I may give it another go in the near future. I do really like the RS-7 strap as it is super comfortable.

I used the C-Loop connector because it looks so much cooler but I do interchanged between the two connectors.