Taipan Shadow XS from Booq

I needed a new bag for my iPad 2 as the current one that I am using is way too big After some research I narrowed the choices down to 2, either Tom Bihn’s Ristretto or Booq’s Taipan Shadow XS. Since two my mates already own the Ristretto, I decided on the Taipan Shadow XS.

It comes in two colours, slate-silver or black-red, I got the former as I already have a zillion black camera bags in my collection. I found one online for $99.00 shipped from Noisy Motel based in Melbourne. I ordered it late on Tuesday night and they shipped it by lunch time the next day and I got it Friday afternoon.



I was surprise how compact the bag was, for some reason, I expected it to be bigger. The material used on the outside is very smooth when you run your hand over it but feels and looks very durable. It is made from 1680 denier fabric with water-repellent coating. There is a hidden zipped pouch built into the front flap for quick access and it’s lined with nice soft furry material (soft Nylex).

LT3_22353 LT3_22363

Inside has contrasting water-repelling interior rip-stop lining.


Here you can see the largest pouch which are actually made up of 2 separate pouches when it’s buttoned down. Inside it has 4 little pockets, good for keeping things like business cards, CF cards, etc. and 2 pen/pencil holders.


There is another pouch at the back and realistically can only store relatively flat items. The two hidden lined pockets designed to house your phone and mp3 player are quite a tight fit making it hard to get your mobile out quickly especially when there’s an incoming call.


The iPhone can be pushed further in. It sitting up for demo purpose only.


I prefer to put my iPhone in the front pouch where it’s much easier to get in and out of.


There also a built-in handle at the back. Useful if you just want to quickly grab the bag to move it quickly or if do not carry it across your shoulder.

What fits?

The Taipan Shadow XS is like a Tardis, small on the outside. I was able to cramp my iPad 2, sunglass case, IPad wall charger & cable and keys tethered to the bag via a 16” key strap from Tom Bihn.

iPad 2 in and zipped up.

The iPad pouch is very snug and well padded. It also has a raised lip to prevents the zipper from accidently scratching your iPad. The iPad 2 with smart cover fits in no problems at all. It is also lined with a soft furry material (soft Nylex) to ensure that your naked iPad does not get scratched.



However, if your iPad/iPad 2 is cloaked in a full-on thick leather case and you cannot make it fit into the iPad pouch. No worries, you can utilise the second pouch where the Ikea magazine is. There is no padding here but your iPad case should be enough to protect it .

Sunglass case and keys tethered via a Tom Bihn 16” key strap.

iPad wall charger and cable in a small Tom Bihn Cordura pouch.

Wall charger/cable zipped and in.

This is a profile shot of the bag fully loaded and it doesn’t look too bulky at all.


Not sure if the reps from either Booq or Tom Bihn would be too keen about this. I purchased some bits and pieces from Tom Bihn.


A 16” key strap . I used this to tether my set of keys to the bag. Very handy for when I need to unlock the gate and my door without having to detach it from the bag each time.


These are small and medium Cordura organiser pouches from Tom Bihn. These are great for storing little knick knacks to keep things tidy. I used a small one for the iPad wall charger and sync cord.


Ultrasuede screen cloth to clean both my iPad and iPhone screens which can get quite dirty from my grubby fingers.



Another feature is Terralinq, it’s a free service provided by Booq. Each Taipan Shadow XS bag has a unique serial number. When you purchase one you register your details, with Booq online, which is then linked to your bag’s serial number. In the unfortunate instance that you do lose your bag, the finder will is able to return the bag to you if they wish.


The shoulder strap is fully adjustable. I lowered til the top of the bag sat around waist height. It was super comfortable to carry around all day. I love the smart compact design. The bag is very well made and screams quality. The stitching is excellent. I loved the zippers, the super smooth action and no getting caught when you are doing the zippers up. I highly recommend this bag if you are in the market for a bag for your iPad or iPad 2.


vprinny said...

Nice review, thanks!

Miguel Tejada-Flores said...

Truly a thoughtful review, with a plethora of small but telling details about how this bag actually works. I've just bought a Taipan Shadow XS (slightly used but in superb shape) for my iPad 2 (also slightly used) - and your review was VERY helpful.


lozzmann said...

Hi Miguel,

I so glad you found the review helpful and thanks for taking the time to give me your thoughts and feedback. Much appreciated.