Abandoned Warehouse in Alexandria

I went scouting for a new location for a shoot on the weekend and ended up in Alexandria not far from where I used to work. It was the old Dunlop Slazenger warehouse which has been abandoned for years.

Here are a couple of shots of the warehouse from the outside. It is totally open so access is easy unlike the tram shed in Rozelle.




I couldn’t get over just how many empty spray paint cans were laying around on the floor. When I got there there were a couple of graffiti artists doing a wall in the corner. They weren’t all that friendly.




I really love the hundreds of holes in the tiled roof which created hundreds of tiny shafts of light which looked amazing. The shots don’t do it any justice. We need some smoke to really bring out the shafts of light out. 

IMG_0971 IMG_0975


There were another bunch of guys downstairs all dressed up, I think they were shooting a video or something and they weren’t too friendly either, except for the girl. They had soft boxes, huge gold reflectors but I didn’t see any camera or video gear.



Again we find millions of empty spray cans. They were also some amazing artwork. This place would be great for a  model shoot.




Even found a burnt out Mazda Astina which had graffiti painted all over it.





The one below is my favourite piece of graffiti artwork. Awesome colours.


Not really sure why most of the guys on Flickr and blogs have been reluctant to let people know the exact location of the abandoned warehouse.

All the shots here were taken with my iPhone 4. I am rather impressed with how well they turned out.


Dunlop Slazenger Warehouse, Alexandria



Map picture


Anonymous said...

I was wondering how you accessed the abandoned warehouse in Alexandria?
Did you break in or did someone have access to it?
Please reply to m.schofield08@hotmail.com


Anonymous said...

Hey! Not sure if you still use this blog I saw your last post was a while ago but do you know if this place is still in the same condition you pictured it as? Or any details about it at all? Me and my friend wanna go check it out but not bothered if its completely pointless. Was is a big space? Great pictures too, might try taking some on my iphone 5 ;)

lozzmann said...


I haven't been in there since my initial visit. However, I did drive past a couple of times ages ago and it was still there. I can't guarantee that it is still there now though.

The place was massive and the iPhone 5 will be awesome as it is much better in low light than my 4. Just be careful in the burnt-out part of the building.

Good luck, hopefully it is still there.