L bracket for Canon G10 from Really Right Stuff

Just saw the Really Right Stuff (RRS) L-Plate for the Canon G10. Have to add this little beauty to my ever growing wish list. I already own the RRS-BH40 ballhead and RRS BMBD200-L-: L-Plate for my Nikon D200.

BG10-L L-Plate for the Canon G10

Back view

Side view

Front view

BMBD200-L-: L-Plate for Nikon D200 w/grip

BH-40 Pro II: Mid-sized ball with Pro II

This is the exact ballhead setup that I have, the quick release plate is bought separately. The build quality and craftsmanship is second to none. I have had the BH-40 for nearly 3 years and the BMBD200-L for just on 2 years. They have both performed flawlessly in that time.

I can highly recommend anything made by Really Right Stuff. The RRS staff that I have dealt with have been extremely patient and helpful.

In the market for a excellent ballhead or L-plate?
Really Right Stuff


Nate said...

I'm really excited at all of the great L-Plates that RRS is offering these days. The possibilities of mixing a small digicam, l plate, and a tripod are very interesting.

lozzmann said...

Hi Nate,
Thanks for stopping by. Yes they do make a lot of nice goodies. It is just a shame they are not cheaper:)

I am currently saving up for a new L-bracket for my Nikon D700. The L-bracket for the G10 has been put on the back burner for the time being.