Canon G10 - Soft Case (SC-DC60A)

Just received the leather case for my Canon G10. It's a freebie from Canon, part of a promotional offer if you purchased a G10, not sure when the offer runs out. It took forever to arrive, almost given up hope as I've been waiting for over 5 weeks.

It's a soft pseudo leather case, only 44% of the case is leather. It does not have the real leather smell. It's black on the outside and burgundy on the inside. The inside looks and feels like suede but its not. The cheapest I have seen it retail for is about $75 AUD.

The case consists of two halves, the top half attaches to the bottom half via three press studs, 2 smaller ones on each side and a large one on the bottom.

The bottom half attaches to the G10 via the tripod mount using the metal knob. The knob is also threaded so you can mount it on a tripod without having to take the G10 out of its case.

The case really compliments the retro look and feel of the G10. I don't think the case is robust enough to protect the G10 if I dropped it.

I like the look of the case, the fit is snug and now I don't have to worry about scratching the G10 body when I throw it in my bag.

It took less than a minute to get the G10 into the case. Okay ready to roll!

The Canon G10 is getting cheaper.

I bought mine for $619 AUD, from here or you can go to their store, Camera House, in Parramatta Westfields.

You can get them for the following prices:
$575 AUD - scroll down to the last page.
$599 AUD


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