Time Lapsed Photography

I have been meaning to have a go at doing some time lapsed photography for awhile now. Since my Nikon D200 has a built-in intervalometer it should be a piece of cake. I had a quick read of the manual and figured out how to configure the intervalometer, basically you need to tell it the interval between each shot, how many intervals you want and how many shots you want to take per interval, this is, of course, dependant on the size of your CF card. I also set the D200 to basic jpegs to maximise the number of shots.

I copied the files off the CF card onto my PC and imported them into Adobe Lightroom so that I could automatically resize them to 640x428. I then imported them into Windows Movie Maker along with some royalty free music I downloaded from the web. I then synced the music to the length of the video and when I was happy that everything was working properly. I hit the publish movie button, way too easy. Not bad for someone who has never used movie maker before until today.

I noticed that towards the end of it (movie) when it was getting darker the scenes started flashing (going dark, then light and dark again). Perhaps it was because the white balance was set to auto, I will need to do some research on what is causing this.

Overall, I am happy with what I managed to do on my first attempt. The sixty-five seconds long movie consisted of 522 discrete jpeg images which took 43 minutes to capture.

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