Sydney Opera House

In preparation for this year’s Vivid festival, I’ve decided that I would like to take some shots of the Sydney Opera House from Lady Macquarie’s Chair. Last year, I took all of shots from the other side.


I wanted to get there just before sunset so that I could get some dusk shots, just before the sun dipped below the horizon.


I love the sky colours and the greenish light on the sails. The shadows from the other sails gives an almost 3D feel to it. The test shots were promising from Lady Macquarie’s Chair and I am definitely convince that it will be amazing when the sails are lit up again.

Hopefully, it will be even more amazing, than last year, when the festival starts at the end of this month.

Here are some of the other shots I took that night.




It is not often I pull out the Sigma 70-200mm f/2.8 as I mostly shoot landscape and my favourite lens being the Nikon 14-24mm f/2.8. The Sigma is probably not as sharp as the Nikon 70-200mm VR II but not bad at all for an “el cheapo” lens.



I also managed to brush up on my panorama technique. I took the panos in both portrait and landscape modes. I think I prefer the second because of the sky colours and also the lights from the office buildings in the CBD. I used my beloved Nikon 14-24mm for the panos.

Hmm, I think I stayed too long as the gates to the Botanical Gardens were locked so I had to walked back to the car the long way round.

Lady Macquarie’s Chair

Lady Macquarie's Chair


Anonymous said...


it's your favourite niece (alicia) here. i was looking up photos because i was thinking about putting some up at my new apartment. while i was googling things i suddenly remembered that my uncle takes awesome photographs!

So i googled you and here i am. true story. :D

is there an easier way for me to navigate your photos? i know you've linked me to another site in the past but i can't seem to find it in my emails... :D


lozzmann said...

Hi Alicia,

Excellent grovelling!!

Will snd you the link via emil.