Mount Tomah – Bilpin, Blue Mountains

This is my second trip up to Mt. Tomah. Seems like every time I decided to come here it rains. Looking on the bright side there will lots of water drops on the flowers and plants.

I got some really cool macro shots. The majority of them were shot at 1:1, hand-held of course . I used my home-made macro flash rig which consists of 2 x SB-800s.


ISO 500 f/16 1/800 secs Flash



ISO 500 f/16 1/80 secs Flash



ISO 500 f/16 1/200 secs Flash



ISO 500 f/16 1/125 secs Flash



ISO 500 f/16 1/200 secs Flash            ISO 200 f/16 1/200 secs Flash



ISO 500 f/16 1/80 secs Flash

ISO 500 f/16 1/160 secs Flash

The macro rig, both Nikon SB-800s, the Nikon 105 macro lens and D700 was totally wet from the constant drizzle. Happily, I like to report that everything is still working.

Map picture

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