Sculpture by the Sea - 2009

Sculpture by the Sea is largest annual free-to-the-public outdoor sculpture exhibition in the world. It stretches from Tamarama Beach to Bondi Beach along the 2km Bronte to Bondi Coastal Walk. 

I attended  this year’s Sculpture By The Sea. In hindsight I should have waited a couple of weeks before attending as there way too many people. Next year, I am planning to go early, before sunrise, to capture the magical light with no crowds or other photographers in the way.

This year, I decided to bring along both my Canon G10 and Nikon D700 as I was not keen on carrying around a “heavy” Sigma 70-200mm and I didn’t really want to change lenses all day long. Besides the Canon G10 doesn’t get out much.

Canon G10

This was my favourite sculpture, it was just mesmerising. The strong wind  kept it in constant motion morphing into different shapes. The movement was both fluid and rapid so trying to frame the shot accurately was rather tricky.

LTC_01486-Edit LTC_01481

                            Morpheus #1                                                     Morpheus #2


                                                                Morpheus #3



LTC_01523 LTC_01524

The flags were amazing, thank god the wind was so strong otherwise this display would have been a dud. I enabled ND filter on the Canon G10 to get slower shutter speed so I could get some movement with the flags rather than just freezing them.


What is it with storm water drain and kids? I used to do the exact thing when I was a kid many moons ago. The above series of shots were all taken with my Canon G10. I am more than  happy with the results, the colours were just amazing SOOC. By the way, all these were shot as jpeg and not raw.

Nikon D700

  LT3_07375_6_7-Edit_Textured2 LT3_07366-Edit-2_textured

                                                                                           Dying For A Drink

3 x exposure HDR (-1, 0, +1), hand-held, tone mapped using Photomatix Pro.

Texture added in CS4 and then tweaked in Adobe LR 2.5.

The second photo only had the texture added in CS4 and then tweaked in Adobe LR 2.5.

Both t

extures were supplied by

virtually_supine - Thank you.


Morpheus #4 -  mesmerising visitors

LT3_07202 LT3_07193

        Transfiguration "screw" IX'                                       Subterfuge


LT3_07233_4_5 LT3_07230

                                A couple of hard core Canon shooters



The Nikon D700 performed flawlessly as usual. Perhaps the Nikon 24-70mm would have been more suitable for this shoot. I will just add that to my wish list.

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