Early Spring in Sydney - Tulips

We have been experiencing unusually hot weather for the last few weeks. In fact this has been the hottest August in years. Spring has arrived early this year and the tulips, in the botanical garden, blossomed 2-3 weeks earlier than normal.

I love the bokeh

The background or bokeh in the photo below is just amazing, It reminds me of a water colour painting. The Nikon 105mm macro/micro lens is awesome.

I never realised that tulips came in so many different colours and patterns. They were just beautiful. I just wished I came earlier when they had just blossomed.

Up Close and Personal with theTulips

Macro 1:1, hand held

This is not a tulip, I think it's a daisy - Macro 1:1, hand held, no flash

It was extremely difficult to shoot at 1:1 as it was very windy. Just had to be extremely patient and wait for the wind to drop, take the shot before it picked up again.

Yellow Tulip with red racing stripe

Gorgeous Pink Tulip

Lovely White Tulip

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