Nikon 14-24mm with Cokin X-Pro Filters

Got up nice and early on Tuesday morning to get some sunrise shots and test my brand new Cokin X-Pro filter system. I left at 5:00 am to get to Turimetta beach by 6:00 am before sunrise so I could capture the beautiful colours of the pre-dawn sky.

I spent the last couple of weeks making an adapter, out of "PE" pipe, for the Cokin universal adapter to attached to so as not to scratch the lens hood of my Nikon 14-24mm. I used a Cokin X-Pro 121 Gradual Grey G2 (ND8) for the test.

Here are the results..


HDR - 14mm@f/9

Vertical Panorama HDR - 14mm@f/16 - consists of a total of 15 separate shots

Just before sunrise - 16mm@f/10

I am please with the initial test results. There is no vignetting at 14mm which is good news. Additional tests required to see if vignetting occurs at 14mm when I stack 2 filters together.

Click here for a larger views of photos.

Click here for more Cokin X-Pro test shots from Warriewood Beach.

Click here to read more on DIY filter rig for Nikon 14-24mm


Anonymous said...

very nice shots. would be very interested to get your thoughts about how this works with the 14-24. do you have a DIY plan to share ? did you try the same method with Lee filters ?
thanks, Chris, (also in sydney !)

lozzmann said...

Hi Chris,

Sorry for the tardy response. I've been laid low by the flu for last few days.

I did not try the Lee filters firstly because they are too small for the 14-24mm, especially on a FX camera, whereas the x-pro is 170x130mm and secondly they are too bloody expensive.

So far, I am very happy with the results. Considering everyone on the web reckons filters will not work with the 14-24mm.

I need to do more testing with my setup and will put something up on the blog when everything is perfect.


Anonymous said...

Hi, you seem quite busy and would undoubtedly rather photograph the landscape than your gear, but could you please post a few shots of the filter rig mounted and unmounted? I've been trying to get a comprehensive image in my head to build one, but there are a few issues that I keep questioning. It would be great to see your solution given the quality of your resulting images.


lozzmann said...

Hi Vince,

Thanks for your interest. I was going to post some pics once I perfected the rig. There is still a few things I need to tweak before I am happy with it. However, I will post some pics of the rig over the weekend and hopefully you will find it useful and get you going.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the quick response. I'll be looking forward to checking out the rig!

northernstorm said...

Very helpful, thanks for sharing your experience. I am in the same boat just a different lens, and the x-pro soft grad nd .6. BTW, you photograph well for an IT guy. Cheers, Christopher

lozzmann said...

Hi Christopher,

Thanks for stopping by and checking out my blog! Yeah! Thanks for the compliment not too bad for a IT guy!!


gnohz said...

Hi lozzman,
I came across this post from your DIY 14-24 filter holder :)

Just one quick question, do you think that Lee Filters GNDs (150mm x 100mm) can work on the 14-24mm if I handhold them? Will it have vignetting?

I have seriously considering getting this lens and am looking to construct a DIY filter holder like yours. But I only have the Lee Filters holder for 150mm x 100mm filters and am wondering if it is possible to use this holder instead of the Cokin X Pro version.

Looking forward to your thoughts.

Thank you!

lozzmann said...

Hi gnohz,

Thanks for visiting. I went through the same dilemma when deciding whether to get the Cokin z-pro or x-pro holder, the z-pro uses 150x100mm filters. No one could tell if it would work with the Nikon 14-24mm.

Personally, I think that there would be vignetting until about 16-18mm. Another issue with hand holding is light getting behind the filters via the gaps on scalloped lens hood. I didn't have much success with hand holding.

Have you considered the Nikon 16-35mm f/4? Not as sharp but still damn good.

Hope that helps.


gnohz said...

Hi Lawrie,

Thank you for your quick response to my above enquiry.

I have a couple more questions which I hope you do not mind :)

I understand from your experience that it is necessary to use filters that are at least 130mm x 170mm to prevent any vignetting at the wide end for FX (ie 14mm). Reason is because I'm currently planning to upgrade to FX and my first priority will be landscapes.

I had another idea, which would be to use the new SW150 holder from Lee and do some DIY to adapt it to the lens like what you have done, but there are 2 points to consider:

1. The circumference for SW150 will be larger so more foam and acetate will be needed to stuff up the gaps, thus making the whole rig bulky and unsightly :p

2. The cost of 170mm x 150mm filters! I think only Lee and Singh Ray makes them but at phenomenal prices

Another question is, will you be able to use the X Pro holder on other lenses (understand that step down adaptors will be required)?

One last thing is, how do you store your X Pro filters? Are there any microfibre pouches available? I have a Lee Filters pouch but the sizes are only for 150mm x 100mm filters.

Thanks so much for your help!

lozzmann said...

Hi gnohz,

Are you saying that you want to somehow adapt/use your existing filters with the SW150?

Isn't the SW150 designed specifically for the Nikon 14-24mm?

Yes, I can use the Cokin X-Pro holder with any of my lenses with a ring adapter. I own a 77mm adapter.

The Cokin filters come in their own faux suede holder but it left furry hairs on the filters each time I took then out. I opted for a microfibre pouch from a $2 shop and store them in "low profile" food container also from a $2 shop.

The microfibre pouches are actually like oven mitts but design for cleaning/polishing stuff. I just turned them inside out. It was just luck that the filters fitted.


gnohz said...

Hi Lawrie,

Really appreciate your reply despite my never-ending questions :)

Sorry for the confusion about the SW150. Actually, I was dreaming about just getting the holder portion without the attachment rings (so that it'll be cheaper!) and DIY from there but I guess they might not sell the holder separately so I have to give up that idea.

It's heartening to hear that I can use X Pro holder on other lenses as compatibility means a lot, else usage will only be limited to the 14-24, not that I have any complaints :)

As for storage, I am thinking of some filter wallet which can store a few together, to cut down on the inconvenience of bringing around several pouches. But anyway, I'll find a way somehow.

Best regards.