Nikon D700 - Macro Photography

I visited the Mt. Tomah Botanical Gardens in the Blue Mountains yesterday with some photography buddies. The aim of this shoot was to improve our macro photography. This is the first time I have teamed the Nikon 105mm with the D700 and I have to say I am very impressed with the results.

The weather wasn't the best as it was raining intermittently for most of the day. I shot most of the afternoon in the drizzling rain after lunch. I was wet and cold and so was my camera equipment.

Two of the Canon buddies called it quits when the rain started and headed for shelter. Their excuse was that they didn't want the precious Canon 5D to get damaged. I reckon it was them that didn't want to get wet!

They reckon the 5D did not have weather sealing and didn't want water in their cameras. I always assumed that the Canon 5Ds

were water resistant. The other two Canon buddies didn't seem to let the wet weather bother them too much.

Anyway the Nikon D700, 105mm macro lens and SB-800 flash all survived the ordeal.

I am amazed with the sharpness of the Nikon 105mm macro lens. I bought this before the VR version was released.

Click here for more macro photography at High ISO.

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Bokehman said...

Do not be disheartened when the rain comes. It can make for beautiful shots with the water droplets adding sparkle to the subjects. Anyway nice and interesting blog you have there!

lozzmann said...

Hi Bokehman,

Thanks for your kind comments. It was definitely worth getting wetto get the shots. Thanks for visiting..