Really Right Stuff L-Plate for Nikon D700

I finally received my L-bracket for my Nikon D700 from Really Right Stuff (RRS). It is designed specifically for the Nikon D700. The L-bracket really does hug the contours of the Nikon D700, the fit is perfect. The workmanship is second to none. Absolutely no movement at all when attached, and it keep all the buttons and panels (such as the remote port) accessible. Once mounted on my RRS BH40 ballhead, this thing is rock solid.

Side View

Bottom View

Top View

All RRS camera body plates are Arca-Swiss style quick-release compatible. This is my third L-bracket from RRS, D70, D200 and now the D700. I guess that's a good endorsement. It is not cheap, costs me a total $280 AUD to get it shipped over here. I wished it was cheaper but it is definitely worth the money as you are paying for quality.

Nice and cosy

If you need access to your ports

Tethered in portrait mode

With the slot design it is now possible to shoot tethered. You can plug your usb cable and have the flap opened without fouling the L-plate. Nikon Camera Control Pro 2 supports tethered shooting. I have never tried it but perhaps in the future.

I took it out on the weekend to test it out. Worked like a charm, I am giving it two thumbs up. Highly Recommended.


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