Wentworth Falls - Empress Falls Trek (Blue Mountains)

I did the Wentworth Falls - Empress Falls trek yesterday. The climb down to the bottom of Wentworth Falls was the easiest part as it was straight down. The trek from Wentworth Falls across to Empress Falls was not too bad. The waterfall here is definitely more impressive than the one back at Wentworth Falls.

The climb up from the bottom of Empress Falls to the top was a killer. It was toughest thing I have done to date. I guess being totally unfit didn't help. I honestly thought I wouldn't make it back up. I was gone, my legs were like logs I couldn't lift them at all and I was sucking in the big ones and my heart rate was somewhere up there in the stratosphere.

I was totally stuff and had to stop multiple times to regain my energy along the climb. It was embarrassing to see parents with babies strapped to backs effortlessly glide pass up the side of the mountain. Finally, I spotted the kiosk/diner and a feeling of relieve swept over me.

I finally made it after after 5 long hours. First thing I did was buy an ice cold bottle of coke, it was just what the doctor ordered. I also ate some biscuits and rested for about 20 minutes before trekking back to the Wentworth Falls car park, which took about 15-20 minutes.

Here are some photos from my trek. Please enjoy them.

Wentworth Falls (Top)

Path to the bottom of Wentworth Falls

Wentworth Falls (Bottom)

Path to Empress Falls

Path to Empress Falls

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