Nikon D700

I am really keen to get my hands on one. I went to Camera House to check out the Nikon D700 when they were officially released to the public last Thursday. It felt very solid, slightly heavier than my D200. I am just waiting for the price to drop a bit to around $3000, perhaps when the Canon 5D Mk II is announced/released.

I thought that D-D Photographics (http://www.d-d-photographics.com.au/) would have been more competitive than the $3599 asking price. That's without an Australian warranty or an English manual. Its comes with Japanese warranty and manual as they have been sourced directly from Japan. So all warranty claims will have to be shipped back to Japan which means a long wait.

I read on the web that Joshin Denki, in Japan, are selling the Nikon D700 for USD 2500. If this is true than D-D are laughing all the way to the bank. Seems we always get ripped in Australia when it comes to camera equipment.

I rather buy it locally from European Cameras (http://cameras.net.au/) for $3575. Its cheaper and guess what? I get a 12 months Australian warranty and an English manual. Woo Hoo!

Come on Canon! Please release the 5D MK II.

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