Hornby Lighthouse

Again the weather prediction was for showers that day. Luckily, it turned out okay by the time we got there. This was a particulary windy and cold day. We had to trek about 500 meters according to the sign but it seemed longer. Perhaps it was because we were going uphill.

Wow! what a cool design, red stripes, wonder if it makes it go faster? Spent a couple of hours taking shots of the lighthouse, gun pits and lighthouse keeper's cottage until the wind picked up.

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Robertsons Point Lighthouse

It was a toss up whether to venture out into inclement weather for a shoot. The prediction was for showers that morning. We decided to brave it and luckily for us the weatherman got it wrong. We drove out to Cremone Point to checkout this lighthouse that we had found on Google Earth the previous week. There was still a light mist when we got there and it was quite tricky to get down the ladder (bolted into the side of the cliff), as it was still dewy and very slippery, carrying the tripod and the heavy camera backpack. It was definitely well worth the effort.
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Warehouse Shoot

Mark and I discovered this abandonded warehouse in Meadowbank on the way home from Ikea the other day.
It looked interesting so we went back last Saturday afternoon to see if we could get in and get some nice shots.
There were no problems getting into the warehouse. The place was totally trashed. All the walls were covered in graffitti, just about all the windows had been smashed. Parts of the warehouse were also burnt.
Anyone reading this blog that knows of any abandoned buildings in Sydney please let me know.
Check-out more of my shots here >> www.lozzmann.com/thumbnails.php?album=35 . All the photos in this album except one are HDR shots. Please enjoy.